Membership Benefits

Your organization can benefit today from the world-class expertise and cutting-edge research now underway to advance knowledge and understanding of AM.

Contact ADAPT today for details on current membership investment levels. Colorado businesses and institutions receive a 15% discount.

Member Benefits Include:

    • A state-of-the-art platform for storing, visualizing, and mining models for AM optimization
    • Focused R&D to individual members
    • Collaborative work on issues of interest across the organization
    • Access to pooled data and resources otherwise out of reach to individual companies
    • Collaboration opportunities with the ADAPT community
    • Guidance to develop rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing techniques
    • Secondary process knowledge and research for AM parts
    • Accelerated characterization efforts to qualify metal additive processes
    • A state-of-the-art database for storing, visualizing, and autonomously mining process and part optimization models of additive manufacturing data
    • Efficient qualification of machines